Get On-Page SEO Tips And Tricks For Your Blogger Blog

After introducing Google Panda algorithms and Google Penguin algorithms Updates link building is most probably dead. Now for blogger blog spot SEO Links Building can only possible a good page rank PR to your blogger blog but you don’t see much and more change in your web site or blog traffic and ranking on search engine.So what gives you a boost to your web site or blogger blog traffic now.?

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What is On-Page Optimization Of Blogger Blog

On-Page Search Engine Optimization SEO Tips For Blogger Blog Posts
On-Page Search Engine Optimization SEO Tips For Blogger Blog Posts
On-Page Optimization of blogger blog or any web site refers to how you optimize your content and articles and posts for search engines friendly to rank high in search engine. On Page Optimization includes a Keyword Research, Google Title Meta Tags, And Google Meta Description.

Guide Of  On-Page Optimization For Blogger Blog

1. Title Of The Blog Post

The title of your blogger blog post decides the amount and quantity of traffic which you can get.It Include good numbers of keywords in your blog post.Don’t use very short titles of your blogger blog post. Short title of blog  post would not rank high in all search engines. An ideal title of blog post must not be too long and not too short ,it must be contain not more than 100 characters. So put all the targeted keywords in the title of the blogger blog post yourself.

So If you use H1 Tag as heading tag of your blogger blog post then use H2,H3 tags for sub headings of blogger blog posts. Use relevant and related keywords in H2,H3 tags as well. 

2. Permalink URL Of the Blog Post

The url and permalink of the blogger blog post should not be too much long. It should give the summary and conclusion of your blogger blog post article. It should not contain more than 3-4 words only. If you will use same url structure and format as Title then Google may treat as keywords stuffing thereby loosing a huge amount of your web traffic to your blogger blog blog.

3. Use Of Relevant Keywords 

Now we should say that keyword stuffing as a result no more works and there is no certain keyword density to rank high in Google search engine. Keywords should come naturally and do not over optimize for your blog post. Because Over Optimization will definitely lead to a penalty for you. we have seen many blogs since few months getting penalized due to keywords stuffing and repeating. so we  suggesting you that, you should use Google Ad words Keywords Tool for keyword research for your blogger blog for better search engine optimization SEO experience. Use synonyms in the post which are related to you blog post title on post you are writing. Use different keyword format than sticking to a specific word or phrase keywords.

3. Now This Time Length Of the Blog Post

There is no doubt and we are Honestly speaking that, the length of your blog post does not matter at all time. Even a blog post with few words can rank high in Google Search Engine and as well as other major search engines. The only thing that matters is relevancy, appropriateness and conciseness in you blog post body. But if you are writing a general article then you should maintain at least 500-600 words to stay safe in search engine.

4. Internal Linking

So bloggers and web masters you should always try to interlink your posts with each others. Internal linking not only reduces bounce rate but also it distributes page rank fruit to all the pages of your blogger blog and web site.When we are talking about internal linking we should talk about standard Wikipedia pages. You can see many blue words linking to other relevant pages in Wikipedia pages. There is no specific count for the number of internal linking but you give internal links wherever appropriate for you blogger blog and web site.

5. Should Use Images In The Post

We have already explained above in this article how we managed to rank top with a blog post less than 150 words and relevant images in blogger blog posts. An image can speak thousand words but you can not imagine it. So use appropriate images wherever necessary in your blogger blog posts.Should use at least one image for every blog post.

6. Embed Video In The Blog Post

Now there is another type of on-page SEO of Blogger blog post in front of you that is embedding of the You Tube videos. If you are writing a post on How To Guide article or tutorial on any other article or blog post then it is more wise to make a short video tutorial for your blog post. Most of the people who use blogger blog find video tutorials better than a reading of a full page of words. It is much better to embedded You Tube videos instead of any other video platform web site videos to get good rank in Google search engines.

7. External Linking

Very important for your on-page Blogger blog SEO, should give a no follow attribute whenever you are linking any low quality web site.Most of the people may feel that giving do follow links to other web sites may harm your web pages of your blogger blog and your blog posts  rank in Google search engine but a do follow attribute to a high priority web site is equally important as no follow

Final On-Page Conclusion For You:

regarding our experts and our Pak Blogz team and our Shouted Blog team, which experience we have found that On Page Optimization of your blogger blog for the blog posts are nothing but delivering an use Google friendly experience. If you deliver a good user friendly experience then all major search engines will automatically boost your ranking and as well as you blogger blog Search engine Optimization and you web site traffic.
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